Age Of Grace

by Tim Idstein

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Age Of Grace is my gift to you. My hope is that it may bless you and ultimately point people toward Jesus’ grace and love.

100% of donated money that I receive will go directly to Destiny Rescue – a Christian based, non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation.


released August 16, 2015

Written and Performed by Tim Idstein
Backing Vocals by Brogen Idstein, Craig Hindman, Joshua Capuano, Glen Veitch and Sarah Veitch.



all rights reserved


Tim Idstein Australia

Creating music to honour God and inspire people.

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Track Name: A Call To Worship
Climbed to the highest of mountains
To the deepest of valleys I’d fall
Whether I’m close or I’m distant
God, You are greater than all

No fear within my situation
No condemnation now in death
This is my call now to worship
I’ll shout to my very last breath

Though seasons will change
Your Love still remains
Nations will fall, But Your Glory remains
Your Glory remains
Forever our King You will reign
And You will not be changed
Track Name: Above All
Verse 1:
In this age of grace we live in
There’s a hope that’s found in You
From Your life so freely given
We have found our lives in You

Pre Chorus:
And through all the world Your children
We will spread Your hope and love
Let Your glory shine upon us
Let Your peace fall from above
We look to You, the God above all the earth
We look to You, the God above all the earth

Above my pride and circumstance
You gave to me a second chance
The God above all, You’re the God above all

Above myself; the truth revealed
You changed my life, my heart You’ve healed
The God above all, You’re the God above all

Verse 2:
In this age of grace we live in
We are called to be like You
We will be Your hands, be Your feet
As we fix our eyes on You

You came, You gave Your life for us
You died upon that cross, You are the risen king
Track Name: Born For More
Verse 1:
You cast aside my sins from me
You bought me at the cost of death
You called me to a higher cause
And You showed me I was born for more

You came to tear down all these walls
That had held me back before
To break these chains no longer binding
You have called me for more

I’m never gunna turn away
Your mercy and Your love have made away
I’m laying down my life for you
Its all for You, Its all for You, Lord

Verse 2:
Opened the door that was sealed shut
Your love suffice for all, Your grace is enough
You tore the veil that once disguised
Made clear the path, I am no longer blind

You bridged this gap of sins for me
You stepped down to make a way
You took my hand when I had strayed
You have bought me for more

You took my shame on Calvary
You rose again in victory
For all the world will see, the glory of our King.
Track Name: Conquered
Verse 1:
Death has lost its sting
My Sins have been erased
You’ve washed me clean as snow
Now in your grace I’ll stay

Verse 2:
You set the captive free
I’ll run to your embrace
Forever changed by You
Now in your grace I’ll stay

Pre Chorus:
As we place our hearts into Your hands, Thirst no more
Your blood covered all

Whoa, Jesus Blood has conquered all my sin
Whoa, Jesus Blood has conquered all my sin
Jesus blood and conquered all my sin
Track Name: You're Everything
Verse 1:
Though I wandered and strayed
My heart could find no true place
Until I found my life in Your grace

My soul has found its way home
Its met by Your open arms
I have found my life in Your grace

You’re all I need
You’re everything
You’re All I need

Verse 2:
I wandered, strayed from your side
Was stranded by my own pride
But now I found my life in Your grace

You reached out, picked me back up
Your love is more than enough
I have found my life in your grace

Im running to Your open arms
I’m seeking after You alone
Jesus You are all I need
You are everything to me

The reason for my breathe
The rhythm of my beating heart
The true consumption of my soul
You are everything to me, everything to me
Track Name: The Start And The End
Verse 1:
You are the start and the end
You were here before all began
Your power brought all to be
Your voice spoke, breathed life in me

You formed the world and You hold me in Your hands
You are the start, You are the end

Verse 2:
Rejected our backs were turned
Our sins great, yet still You yearned
Divided our self from You
Hearts turned cold, away from You

Verse 3:
New hope found when all seemed lost
You humbled Yourself for us
Perfection wrapped up in flesh
The greatest act of love, You came for us

We sing glory in the highest
You are worthy in the highest
Track Name: Glory To God
Verse 1:
Into this broken world
For love chose to descend among us
You brought Your hope and love
You are the light that floods the darkness

Verse 2:
You have the victory
The curse of sin no longer over me
Your love will never fail.
The gates of hell will not prevail.

Pre Chorus:
Love forever changed my heart
Your love will always be enough

Praise be to God, all the earth
is humbled by Your Glory
Heaven and earth shout Your praise
Hope is alive, love has come
The curse of sin now broken
Heaven and Earth shout Your praise

All my hope is found in You, You’re my Mighty Saviour
All my hope is found in You
Track Name: The Light Unto The Lost
Verse 1:
We have a message far too great
To keep it to ourselves this way
So let our actions speak for more

We’ll raise up cities for Your cause
To save the ones Your blood has bought
Ignite a passion in our souls

Verse 2:
We bear Your name with open hearts
And seek a finish to Your start
Surrender us for who You are

So let us walk from here on in
Standing victorious in sin
Forever glorify Your name

Pre Chorus:
Your name be lifted higher, Your name be lifted higher
Your name be spread through all the world

You are holy, You are my mighty healer
You broke my chains when all seemed lost
You are the light
You are Holy, Your glory reigns forever
You broke my chains when all seemed lost
You are the light unto the lost

You are the light, You are the rock
You are my strength when all seems lost
Whoa, Whoa
You are the way, the truth, the life
Relentless love, Your love suffice
Track Name: Draw Me Closer
Verse 1:
Weary, tired and burdened still
I turned to You, Your heart revealed
My soul is cleansed, rest in Your hands
Though I fell, Your love withstands

Verse 2:
Now Your love has got a hold of me
Relentless love, that set me free
My old life gone, form me anew
Build strong my faith, to trust only in You

The cry of my heart is to spend all my days
Drawing closer to You, as I grow in Your ways
Mold me here in Your arms, set me true in your will
Draw me closer to You, As my heart is fulfilled
Draw me closer to You, As my heart is fulfilled

Bridge 1:
For every knee shall bow
Every tongue confess
That You alone are King
And that You’ll come again

Let Your kingdom come
Let Your will be done
Here on earth
As it is above

Bridge 2:
Draw me closer to You